Curriculum Vitae

José Alemán received his B.Sc. in chemistry from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (Spain) (1995-2000). Then, he joined the group of Prof. Jose Luis García Ruano at the same university, and obtained his M.Sc. in 2002 with a Spanish “Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia” fellowship. In 2003, he spent six months in the laboratory of Prof. Albert Padwa at Emory University (Atlanta, USA) working on remotely enantiocontrolled Pummerer reactions. In 2005, he finished his Ph.D. thesis focused on the application of sulfur chemistry in asymmetric synthesis with the highest qualification (“Summa Cum Laude”). Furthermore, he was awarded the Lilly Research Award in 2005 as the best chemistry Ph.D. student in Spain and was also awarded for carrying out the best Ph.D. thesis at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2005/2006.

Then, for the excellent results obtained during his Ph.D, he obtained a two-year postdoctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and carried out this post-doctoral stay in Denmark (2006-2008) in the group of Prof. Karl Anker Jørgensen, working in the area of organocatalysis. In summer 2008, he decided to begin a bioinorganic research project in the group of Prof. Carmen Navarro Ranninger at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain, July-December 2008). He worked in the synthesis of new Pt(II) and Pt(IV) anticancer-complexes and their interactions with DNA and in the study of their catalytic activities. He was involved in this program that has led to 9 publications and 2 patents.

              In 2009, he moved to the Organic Chemistry Department at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a “Juan de la Cierva” contract (selected number one in chemistry for 2009). In 2010, he has been a Ramón y Cajal researcher (selected number one in chemistry), the most prestigious research position for young scientists in Spain. During this period, the applicant has been working on some topics of sulfur chemistry and, additionally, has opened new research lines concerning organocatalysis, mainly related to the development of new reactions, catalysts, and syntheses of sulfur compounds by organocatalytic processes. He has published 150 papers has been invited to give several external talks. He received a Consolidator Grant awarded by the European Research Council in 2015 and in 2019 with a ERC-Proof of Concept. In 2016, he was promoted to associate professor in the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid.

Most relevant publications and level of authorship


He is currently author of 160 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 6 book chapters. Highlights include: 14 Angewandte Chemie (2 were highlighted as a “Cover Picture-Angewandte Chemie 2007, Vol. 46” and four were highlighted by Synfacts, 2007, 874; 2008, 206; 2008, 1172, 2014, 978), 5 Journal of American Chemical Society (one was highlighted by Synfacts 2008, 1220), 1 Chemical Science, 1 Nature Communications, 3 ACS-Catalysis, 17 Chemistry A European Journal (one was highlighted by Synfacts 2011, 218), 15 Organic Letters, 17 Chemical Communications (one was highlighted as hot article and highlighted by Synfacts, 2009, 463, and also in different web pages, and other as cover-picture), 1 Green Chemistry, 3 ChemCatChem, 4 Adv. Synth. Cat., 7 Journal of Organic Chemistry, 3 Dalton Transactions, 6 chapters in books (Wiley and Thieme), among others. Patents. The applicant and has two international and one national patents: one for the synthesis of trans-Pt(II) complexes with sulfonamides and the other in collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis for Pt(IV) complexes. Since his first article (2003), the applicant has published in the best-quality journals (most of them with an impact-index higher than 5.0), more than 5000 citations and has h impact factor = 38.

Supervisor and academic experience


He has directed 15 master’s theses, 20 postdoctoral researchers (Dr. C. Alvarado, Dr. R. Alfaro, Dr. J. A. Fernández-Salas, Dr. N. Larionova, Dr. W. Cieślik, Dr. Ghazaleh Imani Shakibaei, Dr. Rafael Cano, Dr. María del Carmen Perez, María Cabrera, Pablo Domingo-Legarda, Andrea Gini, Alicia Moya, José Moreno, Dr. Vito Capaccio, Dr. Ignacio Perez, Dr. Leyre Marzo, Dr. Sara Cembellin, Dr. Mateo Berton, Dr. Matias Blanco) and 10 Ph.D. thesis at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: Vanesa Marcos (best Ph. D. thesis UAM 2011 and Lilly Research Award in 2010), Virginia del Solar (Lilly Research Award 2012), Leyre Marzo (Lilly Research Award 2014), Cecilia Rodriguez (2015), Rosaria Schettini (2016), María Frías (2018, best Ph. D. thesis UAM 2018/2019), Francisco Esteban (2018), Javier de Luis (2019), Thomas Rigotti (2020), Antonio Sanchez (2020). He is currently supervising 12 Ph.D. theses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and 4 master’s students. He also has teaching experience in various subjects at the Organic Chemistry Department (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2000-2005 and 2009-2019) in bachelor’s and master’s level classes and is qualified as “Profesor Titular” since 2010 by ANECA and Qualified in Docentia as A. He is also a scientific project evaluator for the Spanish National Agency of Science (ANECA), Czech Science Foundation, “Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica (ANPCyT) de Argentina”, and France National Agency of Science (L'Agence Nationale de la Recherche). In addition, he is reviewer for a number of scientific journals (Wiley, RSC, Elsevier….).

International and National Collaborations


The PI has established research collaborations with Prof. Carmen Navarro Ranninger (UAM), with Prof. García López (12 Octubre Hospital, Spain), Dr. Padrón (BioLab, La Laguna University, Spain), Prof. Juaristi (México), Prof. García Mancheño (Regensburg University, Germany), Prof. Jørgensen (Denmark), Prof. Francisco Yuste (Mexico, UNAM), Prof. Dr. Lattanzi (Italy), Prof. G. Della Salla (Italy), Dr. A. Somoza (nano-Imdea), Prof. Sergio Díaz-Tendero (UAM), Dr. Ana Somer (UAM), Dr. Ana Platero (UAM), Dr. Pedro. J. de Pablo (UAM), Prof. Xavier Monfort (UAB), Prof. Xavier Solans (UAB), Dr. Victor de la Peña (Imdea-Energy), Prof. José Angel Gago (CSIC), Dr. Daniel Maspoch (CNR2), DR among others.




  • From: 1/2011 to: 12/2015. Project title: “Design of New Catalysts and their Applications in Organocatalysis”. Financial entity: MICINN (Spanish government). Project associated to the Ramón y Cajal position. Ref. RYC‐2010‐05799 (15000 €). Principal investigator: José Alemán.

  • From: 1/2016 to: 12/2018. Project title: “Nuevas aproximaciones órgano- y foto-catalíticas a las síntesis de productos enantiomericamente enriquecidos”. Financial entity: Ministerio de economia y competitividad (Spanish government). Ref. CTQ2015-64561-R (200.800 €). Principal investigator: José Alemán

  • From: 2014 to 2016. “Compatible Metal Bond-Activation – Asymmetric Organocatalytic Tandem Processes” (15.000 €), Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (Convocatoria Acciones Conjuntas Hispano Alemanas-DAAD). Principal investigator: J. Alemán (German Co-Partner: Dr. Olga García Macheño).

  • From: 2015 to 2021 Project title: “Unconventional bifunctional Catalysts”. ERC-2014-Consolidator Grant (1.987.750 €). Principal investigator: J. Alemán.

  • From: 2015 to 2016 Project title: "Asymmetric Organocatalysis network" Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de México (115.000 €), Principal investigator: J. Alemán, Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cuauthemoc Alvarado.

  • From: 2019 to 2022 Project title: " Nueva generación de materiales multifuncionales para fotosíntesis artificial” (1.083.374,00 €). Financial entity: CAM. Principal investigator: J. Alemán, Coordinator: Dr. Victor de la Peña O'Shea. P2018/NMT-4367 Acrónimo: FotoArt-CM.


  • From: 2019 to 2021 Project title: Phocatalytic materials in flow chemistry. PhotMatFlow (150.000 €). Financial entity: ERC (proof of Concept) Principal investigator: J. Alemán.

  • From: 2021 to 2022 Project title: (25.000 €). Proyecto ITN-European Industrial Doctorate (ITN-EID) en Fotocatálisis. Financial entity: Ministerio de MINISTERIO DE CIENCIA, INNOVACIÓN Y UNIVERSIDADES. Principal investigator: J. Alemán. EIN2019-102894.

  • From: 2020 to 2023 Project title: (150.000 €). Proyecto CAM-Industrial. Desarrollo de Foto-cartuchos y –micro-reactores con Sílice Nano-estructurada Aplicados Química de Flujo para Escala Industrial. Principal investigator: J. Alemán. IND2019/AMB-17142.


June 2000: Bachelor in Chemistry. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Academic Marks: 3.0/4.0.

  • September 2002: Master of Science in Organic Chemistry. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Dissertation: “Oxidative addition to C-S bonds: Heck reaction of arylvinyl and aryl-ethynyl sulfones”. Advisor: Prof. José Luis García Ruano and Dr. Cristina García Paredes. Academic Marks: 4.0/4.0.

  • July 2001-February 2006: Ph.D. at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Dissertation: “Orto-sulfinylcarbanions as asymmetric benzylation reagents”. Advisor: Prof. José Luis García Ruano. Maximum Qualification with Honours (“Sobresaliente Cum Laude”).

  • May 2006-Mayo 2008: (Center for catalysis, Aarhus University, Denmark) under the supervision of the Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen.

  • July-2008-November -2008. (Inorganic Chemistry Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) under the supervision of Professor Carmen Navarro Ranninger.

  • December-2009-2015-Ramón y Cajal Researcher (Organic Chemistry Deparment, UAM).

  • 2016-Associate Professor (Organic Chemistry Deparment, UAM).